We decided to take some time off, the whole family, before it was time for me to head back to work and for Jacob to take over the “August duty”. After many discussions we ended up going to Thailand. Felt a bit booring at first (I must admit) BUT we ended up at some really amazing spots (and some not so amazing) so I’ll just briefly write down the sunny parts.

Koh Jum. A-must-go-to-island. Just outside of Krabi, this little green prodigious island pops up out of nowhere. There is not too much to explore on the island itself, so instead it is about finding those amazing resorts that is all about relaxation. Koh Jum Lodge is my absolute favorite on the island. Founded by a French guy (hello great wine) Jean Michel Limandas and his wife, Jane.

Koh Jum Lodge is an eco-resort committed to protect and preserve its greatest asset: the natural unspoiled beauty of its surroundings. You live in bungalows, located right on the beach, all gathered around the main villa. This place is perfect for kids (even if I’d heard before that they didn’t accept kids under the age of four), anyhow, they we’re super hospitable and Ava and August were treated like small stars. Great food, great wine (cant mention that enough obviously) great beach and lovely bungalows!

Koh Muk. We stayed at Sivalai Resort (a well known resort among Scandis). And even if I wasn’t too impressed by the resort itself, it gave us reasons so explore some of the more local hang outs for food and drinks.

Some of our favorites were; Sugar’s Coffee Shop – super spartan right on the beach but with the best Pad thai I’ve tried! Hilltop Restaurant – run by a family and literally located right in the bushes, the master chef (the mother of course) still cooks everything herself so in busy hours prepare for some waiting. We also ended up with an obsession for the pineapple and Thai basil smoothies at De Tara Beach Resort.

Phuket. A pleasant surprise on the Thai trip was our last week in Phuket. This was more or less just a last minute booking before heading home, but ended up being a total favorite. Thank god we stayed far away from Patong and Karong and all that you normally associate with Phuket, and instead we checked in at the Cape Panwa Hotel.

A luxury resort in the southern part of Phuket. For us, this was the perfect antipole to the spartan island life we had been living for three weeks. Even if the hotel itself is very big, the ambience was quite and calm with a large Spa section and cosy pool area. We also managed to spot some nice parts of Phuket town, in the old district. Don’t miss the coffee shop Bookhemian 2521, a true hipster-mecca-thai-style.

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