Bee5 by Anya De Tobon

Bugaboo and the Motherhood team partnered for the global launch of their new customizable strollers Bee5. Together with some of Stockholm’s most stylish mothers, we custom designed the perfect strollers to match their unique personality.

Our first featured mother is renown and amazingly talented makeup artist Anya De Tobon.

The details of her custom Bugaboo Bee5 below:

  • Red Melange top with a gray melange seat
  • Red melange seat cushions
  • Brown leather bar handle.

3 Quick Questions

1. Best and worst thing about being a mom? 

The best thing is just the fact that you get this magical new person to share your life with. The only thing that bothers me about being a mother is not getting to sleep as much as I want. ( I love sleeping, a lot)


2. What has been your biggest challenge in balancing life and motherhood?

I don’t find it that hard, my husband and I are a great team. We make sure we both get things done. Supporting each other is key.
Also, I really love hanging out with my kids so missing out on stuff does not bother me much. It used when I was younger. But not anymore.

3. Name a funny thing your baby does?

My first child Sadie did this really cute and funny thing. She went to nursery in West London and her favorite teacher was a wonderful woman called Angela. Angela spoke with a really strong Cockney accent. So that is how Sadie first started speaking. I spoke English with a Swedish accent, her dad Jason speaks the queens English and Sadie 2 years old spoke Cockney. It was so funny and cute. She sounded like My Fair Lady. 

  • Photographer: Lo Vahlström
  • Mother: Anya De Tobon 
  • www.bugaboo.com

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