Kinley drinking green smoothie

Sneaking Greens in…


I don’t know if every parent out there is experiencing some troubles with getting their kid to eat vegetables, but BOY am! Kinley is 2 years old now and in this weird period when she says blaaah to all green foods. I found a way to trick her into eating big loads of greens! The Green Smoothie.

Green (Kale Loaded) Smoothie Recipe

1. Kale, approx two hands full (go with less if u like less or go with half baby spinach)

2. About half of a banana. That’s cuz I personally don’t like it too sweet. But a half is a good amount.

3. A handful of Frozen mango cubes. Go with as many as u like but remember this is what makes the smoothie creamy and thick so don’t overdo it.

4. Cup of Almond milk. Pour as much as you wish to give it the consistency you like. Soy or regular milk works just as well.

5. A big spoon full of Yogurt. I love the Russian yogurt, it’s super creamy and smooth but any will do.

Start mixing the kale and milk in the blender first. Continue with mango bits and banana and lastly add some yogurt (optional).

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