Easy Mothers Day Gift ideas Inspiration

Mothers day gift ideas 2017

Mothers day gift ideas

Mothers day around the globe in countries like UK and USA will be celebrated on Sunday the 14th of May. However, not all countries celebrate on the second Sunday of May. Sweden is one of these countries. We should start lobbying for mothers day to be on the same day everywhere. International husbands and fathers (mine included) may not be as confused. Either way, Mothers day is coming up here in the US on Sunday and in Sweden on May 28th. Our Motherhood team curated a small gift guide for those last minute requests!

1. Our own MotherHood Limited Edition Hoodie, to get your hands on one email us at hello@mother-hood.com

2. Byredo, Kabuki. The latest craving from Byredo’s perfume range. Perfume in a brush! We love this product, inspired by Japanese traditions. We know every mother will love this.

3. Breakfast in bed. Why not surprise your mother with breakfast in bed? Make a small snack, shut down all cell phones and just enjoy each others company like in the good old days.

4. Flowers for mom can never be wrong! Who doesn’t love a beautiful set of flowers?

5. Ear “cuff” from Balenciaga. This is a cool statement piece any trendy mothers will want.