Breastfeeding Continued….

Breastfeeding became my new normal after 3 months. However, during my first few weeks of pain and sore nipples, I never thought it would ever end or become normal.

1. Droughts

The only other thing I experienced that painful again, after sore nipples in the learning phase, was a drought.  The possibility of drought is something I want to share with other women because the pain I experienced was so severe. BE CAREFUL with keeping your boobs warm and stay away from milk droughts. I learned the hard way and caught a drought. Suddenly I had a super high fever for two whole days. My mom and sister (luckily I was staying at my moms) were taking care of me and bringing me Kinley to breastfeed, while I was passed out. This was because, of course, my baby still needed food but also because what happens is not only a fever but you also get something called “caked breasts”.

2. Experiencing Caked Breasts

Caked breast is seriously the most painful shit I have gone through in my life (maybe worse than giving birth). The milk congeals inside the breasts and becomes like 100 huge rocks trying to get out of the breasts tiny canal within the nipple, but no milk can flow. I don’t want to scare anyone but if you experience this, the best way to get rid of it is standing under a hot shower and press/pump your breastmilk out. Empty the boob as much as you can. The other option is breastfeeding your baby, however, that also not fun – I tell you.

Moral of the story, please keep your boobies warm and safely stored away from the droughts!

3. Getting the hang of it

A few months have passed and now we’re really starting to get a hang of it! Kinley and I are a great team and my milk is like freaking 100% heavy cream! For real it looked like cream and I had so much of it! Kinley was like sucking everything out of me and I finally started losing a lot of weight. (Also due to the fact that I had started running a lot). Kinley became round and juicy and I was becoming dry like a stick. And I noticed one weird thing, my ass got so saggy. I have no idea why, but I started paying attention to other breastfeeding mothers afterward and noticed they too had saggy bottoms when breastfeeding. Later when they stopped breastfeeding, their asses were all great again. What is up with that?? So weird!

4. In love

At this point, 6 months later, I’m in love with breastfeeding. I think it’s the most beautiful, relaxing, intimate thing I could do with my child. It’s crazy how it all started with pain and misery and turned into something beautiful and miraculous. I know it sounds cheesy but seriously there is nothing more calming and eye-opening than seeing, feeling and hearing your baby breastfeed. The sound she made when swallowing the milk was so incredible to me. I was mesmerized! I couldn’t stop thinking how cool that every time she breastfeeds I gave her life. As if she was born over and over again. That’s how it felt for me sharing these moments with her. It was just me and her and our time together. I was in love!

To end breastfeeding part two in love, but there was another thing. Breastfeeding in public…

To be continued….

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