Favorite May moodboard

Sensual May Favorites

Sharing our favorite pieces right now. Perfect pieces for the sensual, strong woman.


  1. Unconditional Magazine, made by women for women. The Motherhood team loves this magazine and the concept around it.

Made by women, for women, and primarily about women, it is a new kind of publication—one that puts the focus on real women’s lives. It has become a touchstone for those who actively absorb fashion but do not obsess over it. Integrity, Simplicity and Intelligence are the three things brought to life in each issue. It is apparent in the editorial and design approach, but most felt in the way the magazine treats its subjects and readers. Each volume unpacks one clear idea, something timely but also timeless. It acts as a thread through every concept, image and quote, creating a distinct Unconditional universe biannually. – Unconditional Magazine 

2. Stunning art inspired by female bodies by talented Australian Caroline Walls

“With a foundation in design my artistic practice is grounded in a strong sense of colour play, line and form. I am inspired by everyday human experiences and the fluidity and movement of the human body. These artworks explore the female body and the reduction of its form as a way of heightening its expressive power.”

3. Scented candle by Fornasetti. These candles are a great collector’s item and perfect gift idea for someone special. Enjoy the candle then keep the porcelain vase as an ornament or storage for your favorite jewelry.

4. Gorgeous one-of-a-kind bracelet. This bracelet can be found on 1stdibs.com, but we cannot promise it will still be there. It’s just such an amazing piece and whoever gets it will be very lucky!

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