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IVF: Pills, Shots, and Hormones – Part 1

Wangechi Mutu, Uterus Series

wangechi mutu
Wangechi Mutu, Uterus Series

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Wangechi Mutu, Uterus Series

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Wangechi Mutu, Uterus Series

Welcome to the world of modern fertility and pregnancy (for some) in their 30s and beyond. It is a world I never imagined being part of, but here I am, as many before and surely after me. I think it is hard to imagine having fertility issues because it is usually something you are told will happen very easily. “Don’t get pregnant” is the mantra of young sexually active adults. As if you look away for a moment and suddenly “poof” pregnancy.

Pregnancy can be challenging

I came to the realization in my early 30s that pregnancy could be difficult. My mantra shifted from “Don’t get pregnant” to “40 – a number of children = age you need to start”. Being in NYC I find more people are putting it off to the absolute latest date. At least amongst my friends, this is a very common equation.

The problem is you don’t buffer time (t) into your equation (or at least I didn’t), because your mantra has always been “don’t get pregnant” loosely translating to “it will happen right on your schedule right when you want it to”. Easy Peasy. 

So when shit happens, you have not buffered in time to deal with the potential delays life throws your way. This happened to me, a big wrench was thrown my way. I was diagnosed with a benign hemorrhaging brain tumor on the part of my brain which regulates hormones. My chances to get pregnant went from difficult to daunting. That medical scare has since passed, however it left me with the knowledge I should seek out the best fertility specialists available. I had to expedite my conversations about how to get pregnant, using a little science.

Fertility Clinics

I decided on a highly recommended clinic in Upper East Side. This place is packed daily with every type of woman you can imagine. If you ever feel inadequate because you can’t get pregnant (since women tend to take an outsized share of the guilt), visit an NYC fertility clinic. You are not alone, AT ALL.

As I write this story, I have gone through 10 months of unsuccessful tries monitored by a specialist. All I knew when I first started, was from Sex in The City and Charlotte giving herself shots in the butt and going crazy. It turns out you don’t go straight to shots, but more on that later. This is me with hormone cocktails as my new normal. Trying not to get consumed with an all-consuming process. Socially, emotionally and physically.