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Meet Paulina Liffner the designer and founder of Little Liffner, the Stockholm-based brand that designs handbags for women. The brand is renown for its refined design, no need for showing off labels and for offering accessible luxury with a playful twist.

We caught up with Paulina in New York, where she spends some of her time with her husband and baby girl of nine months. We had a little chat about life and how it is being a mother today.

What do you miss from before having a baby and what have you gained? I really miss our long lazy Saturday mornings I bed, catching up on news and reading books and magazines. That’s actually the only thing I truly miss and on the gain side, I have more love in my heart and life than I thought possible. For me, having a baby has also been a great exercise in being present and a humbling lesson in letting go of control without freaking out.

How has being a mother helped you in your work? In all honesty, spending time with your child means having less time to work, that is the reality. However, having my little girl has been a deeply motivating experience that made me realized that I love to work. I want to be a role model for her, building my business while being happy, strong and independent.

You are balancing so many things. Running a successful business, shuttling between New York and Sweden, caring for Mary. How do you maintain such a busy schedule and stay motivated? I’m not going to pretend it’s always easy. I think one of the biggest disfavor women to do each other is to pretend that ‘having it all’ is even possible. It’s hard work and a constant hustle and you just have to learn to live it and love it for what it is. Life with a small child has its high ups and low downs, and that is OK!

What has been your biggest challenge in balancing life? I’m very happy being a working mother. The Swedish model of staying at home full-time for a full year is not for me. My challenge has been and still is, to find ways to spend as much quality time with Mary as possible while pushing and tending to my growing business.

What are you most proud of from the past year? Mary, of course, her curious little face and weird-cute sounds make me burst with joy and pride. I can’t believe that I grew her inside my body.

What are you excited to improve upon this coming year? Finding pockets of time dedicated to things that trigger my creative process. I find the creativity sides to my work are the hardest to jam into a packed schedule.

Best Bag for the multitasking woman on the go? The new Mega Slouch pouch for sure. It fits your life and then some.

Little Liffner Yellow Handbag
Little Liffner Yellow Handbag

Paulina Liffner at home
Paulina Liffner at home in NYC

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