A Visit to Philip Dixons house

One of the last campaigns we produced when I was still  Marketing Director for Filippa K, was shot in the home of photographer Philip Dixon. A hidden exotic gem in the heart of Venice.

What looked like an average villa, well in LA terms that is, showed to be a Moroccan wonderland hidden behind walls so high, all you could see was a couple of telephone poles and palm trees to clue you into your whereabouts. A huge cactus garden, pools integrating exterior with an interior, raw paved walls and a spartan curation of ethnic details. Not practical to live in, with its open plan and maze-like structure, but for sure a plenitude of decor inspiration and a never-ending source of Instagram content. Actually turned out to be the most Instagrammed house in LA. (The Filippa K campaign turned out well, but lets face it, would rather have done a story of the house itself…)