The Story of our Restaurant

First steps…

This month our restaurant, Matataljén, turns one year. Last summer we started a journey towards a bucket list dream. Or at least my husband Jacobs bucket list. I was mostly just in it for the ride. And the wine. It started as a small talk, together with our friends and already restaurateurs Anna and Henrik. All of us living in Gamla Enskede, and all of us totally agreed upon the absence of a proper local restaurant to hang out at. A dizzy night of discussions later we were hunting for the perfect spot.

We ended up knocking on a door of an old plumber shop, in need of some love and care. Before we knew it, we signed the papers and the place was ours. Jacob, who is an architect, spent the whole summer sweating and renovating, and in November, we were almost set and opened the doors to the public. This past year has for all of us been extremely challenging and patience-testing, more than once. And I am so impressed and proud, especially of my three partners who have been there, day and night, setting new menu’s every week, cooking, meeting our guests, sorting all paperwork, making sure we have the best commodities there is and always making sure that Matateljén is topnotch.



Big time renovation! Trying to keep some of the old furnitures and patina.

From my perspective, the most challenging part has been to manage a demanding two-year-old little girl, at the same time as the start-up phase of Matateljén. My daughter, Ava, definitely has been appreciating neither long board meetings and renovations nor sit-down lunches as much as we have. I really applaud parents who manage to work with kids on their arms.

Since I not only started this restaurant with Ava constantly by my side, but also my career as a Marketing Director for Filippa K when she was only four months old, I can for sure say that I have tried to manage both being a toddler mom and work at the same time. And as long as I have an option, I will always try to separate these two tasks as much as possible. Which luckily, for us in Sweden, is possible. So the aw-mantra is; calm down, refocus and reconnect with the kids. At least until the kids bedtime.

Today Matateljen is, in my opinion, the best restaurant in Stockholm! A modern and green focused restaurant with the coziest ambience!

And today, being (almost) on maternity leave, having an own restaurant around the corner, is a set-up I definitely won’t complain about. So friends, come join me, you know where to find me!