Hanna Hansdotter – QUILTED PRINT V Artilleriet Art Collaboration

Hanna Hansdotter – QUILTED PRINT X Artilleriet Art Collaboration

Hanna Hansdotter – QUILTED PRINT VI Artilleriet Art Collaboration

Introducing Hanna Hansdotter

Hanna Hansdotter is a talented glass artist. She recently graduated from Konsfack and I have been following for some time. Her style is truly unique and fun. I would love love love to have one of her art pieces at home. And now Artilleriet has released a collaboration together with Hanna, consisting of 12 different glass vases called Quilted Print and 1000 SEK is donated to Kvinna till Kvinna for each item sold.

About the collection

“Quilted Print, 12 signed and numbered vases, under Artilleriet Art Collaboration.

Hanna Hansdotter developed a unique technique where glass is blown in ornamental iron molds. The glass is allowed to swell and choose its own path. It creates unique shapes where each object has a unique and individual expression. The objects explore the boundary between objects of use and art.”

About Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation

“Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation actively promotes women’s rights and gender equality by actively supporting more than 100 women’s organizations in 20 countries.”

I have a feeling these vases will sell out really quickly. Stunning work.