Flyboyant trays designed by Nathalie Engelbert


Designer, entrepreneur and mother – Nathalie Engelbert is the designer and founder of FLYBOYANT. The up and coming interior and accessory brand that brings that little extra with its playful expression. She lives in Stockholm together with her husband and two charming and crazy boys. And it´s thanks to our four year old boys, that had the good taste of becoming best friends, I´ve had the pleasure of getting to know the beautiful and inspirational Nathalie.

What is Flyboyant?
FLYBOYANT is about creating a world of products with contrast, by mixing unexpected patterns and bright colors. Functional objects that add a touch of elegant humour to everyday life. All to make a flyboyant impression and to make you smile. People should smile more. I design all products and produce them in Sweden.

How did it all start?
It actually started with the flu. I saw a documentary about swarming bugs, as you do.., : ) and must have had a very high fever because I thought it would be quite eye-catching to make patterns with creepy crawly things and make them likeable with bright colours. I’m not the first to make patterns or home decor, but no one does it as I do, and I want to do it with a twist and made of high quality, I used to work in the jewelry business so it was, and still is, extremely important to have the products handcrafted and made in Sweden of FSC-certified wood. Think global, act local.

What is your biggest inspiration?
Dreamers who do and things with a twist.

How does a regular day look like for you?
How boring and cliché as it may sound, no days are alike, but I always wake up early, before anyone else in the family is awake. I prefer to start the day in total silence and go thru the things that needs to be done. Gives you a good head start. The rest of the family wakes up one by one and have breakfast.

After the kids have gone to school and been dropped off at preschool I go to the office. Everyday there are unexpected things that needs to be solved, often at once, which sometimes can be challenging, but thanks to all the people I’ve met since the beginning of this and that I am surrounded by, I have learned so much especially that nothing is impossible and I truly believe in trial-and-error. Best of days I feel that I have managed to check off almost everything on my list, run to preschool and pick up our youngest. Back home I prepare dinner. Hopefully everyone will like it and we will all eat together. 1 out of 2 feels like a victory. Even better if friends pop by more or less spontaneously. Later there is a mix of multi-tasking as in every family, consisting of family time, homework, put kids to bed, some more work, try to watch something without falling asleep and of course not admit when one does.

Your biggest challenge?
As for everyone: time, but the time limit is also what drives me. I work best under pressure and time limit, which is quite good since there are a lot of those

If you could make a wish – what will the future hold for you and Flyboyant?
Hopefully bright, the reception and support of FLYBOYANT has been above and beyond, so fingers crossed for it to continue. More products are in the making. The goal is that soon, and in many years from now, everyone will have at least one FLYBOYANT product at home. Hence the importance of high quality. Even though it’s unexpected patterns, I want them to be timeless. As they say, the only thing that will survive the apocalypse are cockroaches… : )

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