Cool Disco Avocado for 16 weeks of fertility

IVF: Update – I have an Avocado – Part 5

My Little Avocado

I did not publicly announce my successful pregnancy asides with friends and family who knew about my process to date and were able to ask me personally.
The reason for not making a formal announcement earlier (asides from this post) is that I am now one of those women I was happy for but also benchmarked my own female fertility against, so my natural inclination was to remain private. However, I figured I needed to provide an update on this IVF series now my baby is the size of an avocado, earth’s butter.(16 weeks).
A fruit so adored by New Yorkers every self-respecting cafe knows Avocado toast is not only popular but necessary. This fruit also inspired the worlds first avocado bar – Avocaderia and also my humble announcement.

I round this series out by sharing how an IVF pregnancy may be a little bit different from a regular pregnancy. It is not by much I figured I would share what I know.

Small differences

  1. You don’t get to pee on a stick for the surprise. You find out you are pregnant as soon as feasibly possible at 5 weeks – with a blood test.
  2. You get many more sonograms in the beginning. Once confirmed pregnant you continue to go to the fertility clinic for weekly or bi-weekly monitoring until about 10 weeks to see progress.
  3. You get to graduate. The fertility clinic gives you a heads up that around week 10 you will need to graduate to a traditional Midwife or OBGYN. Allowing you time to process and find the best provider for you. (Which is more important in the US.)

In summary, not very different from a regular pregnancy, just a little bit more monitoring during the first trimester.

Things I am grateful for:

  1. A successful pregnancy
  2. Failed attempts that helped me greater appreciate a successful one.
  3. A greater understanding of fertility overall.
  4. Something I got to share with my partner, for better and worse.

As I continue to grow I will try to share my research, but for now, this IVF series is complete.

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