Maja Söderlund- the Hair and Makeup artist we’we missed on set this year as she is just coming back from her maternity leave which she happily spent with her precious little girl, Py. Maja is one of Stockholms top makeup artists and works for many publications and clients such as SpaceMatters, Bon, H&M, Eytys and many more. Happy us to have her back on set again and this time we caught up with her and asked for some of her top skin favourites among other things on her top 5 list.

Exuviance Skinrise bionic tonic pads-

“Peelingpads that give the feeling of just having had a face mask, even though you have just spent a few seconds sweeping a pad over your face and throat.”


”Un” cover-up under the eyes and lip2cheek on the cheeks. Sometimes I also put lip2cheek on my eyelids or on my lips & bend the fringes. 30 seconds – about the time I spend on makeup.”

Babor Ampules-

“Best way to quickly brighten up a tired mother’s skin. I alternate between their moisture and glow ampoules.”

True cream-

“For dry skins like me & Py, the True Cream is perfect to carry in your bag and lubricate lips or other dry places.”

Bugaboo bee-

One of the best purchases since Py came. So smooth and easy to carry when travelling and perfect to have indoors.

Follow Maja on instagram: @maja_soderlund