bing kids by anine bing

Danish-Swedish Anine Bing expands her own fashion brand ANINE BING with a stylish childhood collection under the name BING KIDS.
Since the launch in 2012, ANINE BING has grown with flagship stores in seven markets, strong international e-commerce and explosive growth. Anine now looks forward to the next step, adding a demanded children’s collection to the brand.
Anine and the brand daily invite her audience through Instagram to her life in Los Angeles and her everyday life as a designer, businesswoman and mom. Since the start of the brand, the large and dedicated community of followers have shown interest in a children’s collection. For Anine, who is both mother and designer, this has been a natural step that is now becoming reality.

“Ever since the launch of ANINE BING, the idea of a children’s collection has made me warm at heart. I myself have been missing a children’s collection with basic garments that have an edge and it’s extra fun that my own children, friends and existing customers have requested a collection reminiscent of ANINE BING’s aesthetics, “says Anine.
“The idea of the collection is to create cool style and quality clothes that will be able to withstand wear and tear. My hopes with BING KIDS are that the clothes should encourage the children to play and strengthen their self-esteem,” says Anine.
BING KIDS was launched on March 29th, and it includes cool rock’n’roll t-shirts, jeans, leather and army jackets. The collection will have constant drops with news every month and is in a price range between 300-3000 Swedish kronor.

Above are some of the cool looks from the launch collection and we have had the pleasure of styling some of our own kids here at the studio in the BingKids collection. The fabrics are soft, cosy and the fits and styles are super comfy. A favorite is the dark grey hoodie that has become an everyday essential for the 3-year-old Mckinley, daughter of our editor Natalia Altewai. She really ouzzes cool and confident wearing it, just like Anine said the collection was all about – so big ups for that!

Anine Bing in her beautiful LA home