Zara Baby Collection SS 2018

newborn favorites from Zara

It is common in Norway for mothers and future grandmothers, who love to knit, to create a “hentesett”. Handknit baby clothes, usually made out of wool or cotton (depending on season) for your baby to wear home from the hospital. That being said, not everyone has a knitting eager mother or grandmother. For those people, Zara has created an affordable, yet beautiful, collection.

Baby-friendly fibers

The capsule collection has knitwear, natural fibers, and neutral tones. All of which combine to an easy wardrobe for your little one. Scandinavian parents are very focused on keeping children in natural fibers and layers. This includes wool, linen, cotton, and silk. All fabrics which breath are good for adults, but especially delicate baby skin.

It is easy to embrace natural fibers when they look so good.


Baby Clothes from Zara SS18 Collection - Blue knit jumpsuit
The newborn collection from Zara.

Baby Clothes from Zara SS18 Collection - white knit jumpsuit
Little knits that make you want to have another one.