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Les Hamaques

Not rarely a part of the fun in traveling is about the planning and scouting for the perfect hidden gems. Hours are spent on Instagram, scrolling through the explore tab, subsequently drooling to get away from the everyday life, for just a little bit.

I’m going to share some of my dearest traveling spots here on the wall, and hopefully, as time goes by, keep on adding even more voyage tips.

Les Hamaques

Jacob and I went here for some days after our wedding. Located a few hours north of Barcelona, literally in the middle of nowhere, in a small farming village surrounded by the nature in Emporda, also called the “Catalan Provence”. We took a cab from the airport (actually we where supposed to rent a car, but I lost my wallet on the wedding night, so we first took a train – got lost – THEN called a cab, no idea where from, but that’s a totally different story) so, back to the supposed cab from the airport. We got dropped off at the assumed address, certain we had been left at the wrong street, probably in the wrong “town”. The small village was totally empty. Not a living soul in sight. Apart from some mooing cows (which also were traceable through the smell). But after some confused half hours, we finally saw the smallest sign on a door, through which we entered (what at the moment felt like) heaven – a world of intimacy, small details and, above all, 100% peace and relaxation.

This literally concealed jewel, founded by Dominique, interior designer and Ino, his wife, journalist and stylist, is a true happy pill for all interior and design junkies out there.

The house has only seven rooms, each named after a flower. A quiet garden connects the different parts of the house, replete with pots of lavender, pergolas, a small swimming pool and hammocks hung from a tree on the terrace. Perfect for days of leisure.

There is not really anything to do in the small village, so a car is definitely preferable for excursions (the region is also known for their ceramics *drooling…), but if you loose your wallet, or for other reasons cant have a car, we actually managed to go for dinner with a cab and also borrowed bikes for the daily trips on the countryside (NOT to recommend for ceramic freaks like me, since you probably want to bring loads with you home).

Les Hamaques is not suitable for kids, so arrange with a babysitter and take a romantic weekend break from family life instead…

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