Madri collection SS18 Celia D-Luna top

Madri collection = love

Most of our team members have gone through the ups and downs of breastfeeding physically. On top of that, it can be very difficult to find nursing clothing. You often end up with very boring tactile options that don’t highlight the beauty of a woman but give easy efficient access.

Perfect Nursing Clothing

We stumbled upon this lovely brand for mothers that need easy access to the boob for their babies. The whole motherhood team really loves the concept of creating more design focus options for new mothers. The whole range is really clever because it is comfortable without being boring.

This lovely brand offers styles for breastfeeding mothers that are not plain old jersey like every other maternity brand. Plain and simple we are IN LOVE with the Madri Collection. The styles, the website, and the models all are just as fab as we want to be when breastfeeding this summer! Kudos to the Madri Collection Team.

Nursing Clothing with Child

Stylish Nursing Mother

Beautiful Mother and child in park

Nursing Clothing, Nursing outfit

Stylish Mother Nursing Baby

“Madri Collection is a ready-to-mother line that empowers women to breastfeed everywhere. Inspired by Italian culture, which both holds the mother on the highest pedestal and unapologetically celebrates style, we believe that fashion doesn’t stop when you become a mother and that the ability to nurse your babe effortlessly, whether at the breast or via pump, is essential.

Founded by childhood best friends—Ashley Melone and Danielle Walish—who were lucky enough to transition into motherhood five weeks apart, Madri Collection is run by nursing moms and working moms for nursing moms and working moms.

Centered around quality, Madri’s garments are made in New York City from superior textiles with the intention of feeling good against the skin for both mother and babe. Each design has been tailored to include easily-accessible details to nurse or pump with ease, without feeling overexposed.”