Aesop Store inspiration

bathroom essentials

Some of our favourite bathroom products at the moment come from Aesop. An Australian brand with beautiful stores, each one unique, all over the globe with the aim of creating skin and hair care products of the finest quality.

A hair favourite is Aesop’s Equalising shampoo: “A balancing formulation of gently astringent botanicals that assist to remove excess oil without irritating the scalp while delivering body and shine to hair.” They say it is suited for Oily scalps, those who lead active lifestyles and those who live in polluted urban environments. Well, we have tested it and it really does work.

Another favourite is the Geranium body wash: “An invigorating gentle gel cleanser formulated with oils of Mandarin and Bergamot Rind to banish grime and thoroughly refresh the skin.”It smells of fresh citrus and the skin feels cleansed and refreshed after a wash.

We do love both of these products BUT nothing beats their Redemption Body Scrub! We can’t get enough of the smell, the feeling it leaves you with and the amazing result on your skin.

“A bracing blend of finely milled Pumice, Bamboo Stem and aromatic Pine Needle oil that sloughs away tired cells to leave skin polished and refreshed, perfectly prepared for hydration.”

It’s just fantastic!

Another mention, your favourites also come in travel size and a small tip if you run out is to save the small bottles and refill from your bigger bottle.