Pregnancy Legging styling

bump edit – leggings

Pregnancy Bump Styling – Leggings

Every pregnant woman will have that moment where the belly pops. Your jeans don’t fit (without a little rubber band to keep them buttoned together). Your shirts start bursting from bigger breasts.  Everything becomes a little tight and a little uncomfortable.

The clothing solution tends to be jersey, comfortable and adaptable to an increasing waistline.

We recommend buying a quality set of maternity jersey including

  1. Black Leggings
  2. Black Dress
  3. White and Black Long Tank Top (for layering)
  4. Black Skirt
  5. Demin

You will be wearing them a lot so make sure to buy a set which will last the daily grind. We personally love the jersey staples from BOOB DESIGN or STORQ

Leggings will most likely be the most used item in your maternity wear rotation. We, therefore, decided to start this mini-series with the Leggings staple

Mix Tight with Chunky/Oversized

As comfortable as the jersey is, if that is all you wear, you may run the risk of getting bored or looking boring. You can still have fun with oversized, texture and chunky details which may already be in your current wardrobe. As we are headed into the summer months we opted for a wardrobe stable – the oversized poplin shirt. (Any will do!) You can go to your usual stores and buy XL instead. The below example is from WEEKDAY 

We recommend tucking your top in to reveal the bump. Oversized can make you look bigger if don’t style it a little bit. A tuck in the front can be key. This will also flaunt that very cute bump because you will only have it a few months. Why not embrace it and confidently show it off.

Remember – Mixing tight with loose/chunky will add interest to your outfit, and when you get really big you can wear the oversized statement earrings if you feel everything makes you look big. The white shirt will NEVER go out of style and you will always look put together and fresh with a crisp poplin shirt.

Pregnancy Styling - Weekday Shirt, Storq Leggings
Weekday Shirt, Storq Leggings

Pregnancy Style 2 - Weekday Shirt, Storq Leggings

Pregnancy Style 3 - Weekday Shirt, Storq Leggings