Swedish Children celebrating midsummer

Swedish Midsummer

Swedish Midsummer Celebrations

Its been a while since I posted anything but its been sort of a hectic life these past few months. Not easy being a mom in 2018 and trying to work, take care of the house, be a mom, a wife and just be healthy.

As you guys may know, Scandinavians experience very long dark winters so when the sun finally arrives we celebrate by absorbing every single D-vitamin possible. 

Growing up in one of these countries you are raised with a sense of responsibility to enjoy nature whenever the weather allows. (or if the weather does not allow). “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes”

Swedish Midsummer Table

Swedish Midsummer - Children Playing

Swedish Midsummer - Flower Table

Quick History

Acknowledging summers bounty is apparent during the Scandinavian Midsummer celebrations or Summer solstice. Summer solstice, historically a pagan holiday, was adopted by the Catholics and rebranded as a Christian holiday to celebrate St. John the Baptist. Though it was “rebranded”, elements of fertility and renewal are still present in most celebrations.  

Nordic countries differ slightly in how they celebrate the summer solstice and how they each cherish the longest day of the year. Sweden with its maypole, Norway with large bonfires, Denmark by burning of the witch…(a little weird but to each their own). Dates of celebration range from June 20 to 26. In 1952 the Swedish government decided Midsummer celebrations should always land on a weekend, making it easier for family and friends to gather. Which is exactly how I spent my weekend.

My Swedish Midsummer

Swedish Midsummer is super important to me and more of a “friends” holiday if one might call it that. We get together to celebrate, dance around a maypole, drink some nubbar”(Swedish alcohol that comes in shots and taste really strong and really bad), sing singalong songs. Lastly, we eat a lot of herring, potato salad, strawberries with cream and just have a blast together. Oh yes and we create and wear those famous Swedish flower crowns in our hair.

This year we spent it together with our lovely friends Anya and Jacob and their little man Baby Lo. He is about Kinley’s age, about 3yrs. They had a really really good time…

Love this day! One of our best holidays if you ask me.