the travel bestie

Time for a vacation with the family. When you have a toddler that is still not ready to go without a stroller but a little too big for the fully equipped baby stroller you start looking for something small and convenient to push around.

Many of you might already have seen a lot of parents walking the streets with a YOYO Babyzen stroller? Well so have we and that’s why we have decided to test it ourselves.

Our test toddler: Mckinley aged 3.5 yrs

Test Mother: Natalia, a busy mom that hates a fuss.

After testing the Yoyo for two month this is the conclusion:

  • easy to fold- with one click underneath the seat it folds straight away and you can do it with one hand and it has a belt so you can carry it easily on your shoulder
  • Very easy belt to buckle
  • small peephole on the canopy so that you can peek to see your baby
  • carry on the flight- works with most airline companies
  • the wheels have a great roll and turn/spin
  • cupholder
  • good size bottom basket

  • doesn’t fold back to a full sleep position
  • no adjustable footrest for sleeping position
  • no adjustable height on the hand bar for taller people
  • too slim space between the back wheels so it doesn’t fit any steps

Overall our testers say that they are super happy with the stroller and would recommend it to anyone looking for a travel buddy that will make your trip easier and much more comfortable.

Please Note! This is not a collaboration, this is an independent review by our editors.