baby NO2

Hey, Ho here we go-AGAIN!

Pregnant with baby no2. I have a girl that’s 4 and in March baby nr 2 is due. And its a boy!

So so excited but also very tired. Nothing is as it was the first time around. It’s all completely different. I feel like a train on a neverending track and I just want to get here already. This time is more like transportation than all fun and exciting.

I’ll be sharing more of my story as we go along. Just wanted to share the news. Also as you may have noticed its been silent a while here on motherhood and that among other things has to do with the fact that Andrea our team member just had a baby and I am going through a quite rough pregnancy myself. But I’m feeling better and she is really getting into the whole part of IRL “motherhood” and we are more excited than ever to share loads of news and stuff with you guys.

So much more fun to follow!

Hope you stick around!