support belt

Being pregnant with baby nr 2 hasn’t been the easiest and I am unlike the first time around, experiencing a lot of back pain. In fact, the back pain I’m having is so extreme that I at times feel I’m going to scream out loud and don’t know what to do with myself!

So I did some research on the internet and asked my doc if there is anything I can do. Unfortunately, there isn’t much but I found this support belt that I will be trying out from now on. I really really hope this will be my saviour. If this doesn’t work I seriously don’t know how I will survive until due date!

I tried on the belt and I can say that I immediately felt the difference and I do feel a lot of weight of my back. Good first impression so far but stay tuned I’ll let u know more in a week from now.


PS! For those who can’t wait for the review, I ordered the belt here.