Baby Wool

Firstly, I need to admit I LOVE wool. It is an amazing fiber. Growing up I was always taught the value of wool, which is extremely valuable when you live in Norway.  New York can definitely get chilly (today was actually -15C) so I am getting little daughter Maya in wool layers early.

6 reasons why wool is amazing for babies:

  1. It does not get cold when wet
  2. Dries quickly
  3. Regulates your babies temperature in both hot and cold weather
  4. Repels stains so you get longer wears
  5. A natural fiber that is good for sensitive skin
  6. Urine and Lanolin create soap – so it is actually very clean. For the germophobes

Below is our Scandinavian friendly starter kit for keeping the little one safe and warm. The general idea is that you need fewer wool items than cotton items because untreated wool naturally occurring fat in its fibers, which will repel general baby messes.

Ultimate Scandinavian baby wool list:


1-2 x Baby Wool Hats

– a lot of heat escapes from your head. Hence they send babies home from the hospital in the cutest baby hats (in Cotton).

Baby Wool Pajama

1 x Wool Pajamas

in a size up. Can be aired out unless stained.

White Wool Onesie for baby -

2-3 x Baby Onesies

2 in the exact size and 1 in a size up. Stains can be addressed locally by hand. These can be used year round and aired out when needed.


2 x Pairs of Wool Socks

Keep those toes warm. I have also put the extra pair on hands since they stay on better than gloves.


1 x Sweater Jacket

To easily regulate the temperature of the baby


1 x Blanket

This is a common gift from friends and family. Often times Knit by hand. A go-to for bundling

Winter Bonus Items

1 x Thick Wool Sweater


1 x Thick Gloves


1 x Wool Fleece outfit


1 Pair of Wool stockings

Below are a few brands we like. However, If you are looking for something local, make sure to check the composition of the fabric – the natural fibers should be over 90% if not 100%. (Norwegian Favorite) – KULING (Swedish Brand) Joha (Danish Brand) (Norwegian Brand) (Stockholm store with a great selection) (NYC based for fun interesting designs)