baby prepp

Prepping for baby’s arrival. Haven’t really packed the bag for the hospital but have started to collect some things that need to be there. Unfortunately doesn’t feel as exciting the second time around. But the most important and a life saver for me last time are the nipple repairing wipes from Multi mam. If there is anything I recommend anyone who plans to breastfeed this is it-lifesaver!

For mommy:

  • Multi Mam Kompressor – wipes to place on your nipples when you get soar from breastfeeding. These things are like magic and I promise there is nothing else but this that works asap!
  • Medela Silicone protective nipple – good protection of the nipple in the beginning when still learning to breastfeed.
  • Medela Nursing pads – last time I breastfeed there was milk dripping all over the place! Never without my pads! :=)

For baby:

  • Wool Clothing – Its a bit difficult to shop for a baby born in March…don’t know what the weather will be like so it’s a bit tricky. But got some great bargains on wool because of that. These fab wool sets are from German brand Engel. The body is a silk wool mix and feels so soft it’s going to be perfect.
  • Baby sox and stockings – sox are a necessity but I’m thinking we will be living in stockings! So much easier than baby sox that always come of!
  • Pacifiers – stocking up on this part. We all know they get lost all the time.
  • Pacifier clip – got this great leather clip to match the little jacket from Beton.
  • Baby diapers newborn – almost forgot about this part… Crazy! ha ‘

You can get most of the baby woollies at Beton and the mommy stuff at any Swedish pharmacy or online.