Best Baby Bottle EVER

Tried and Tested

In all honesty, I have tried almost every baby bottle out there in desperation of
finding the “One”. Finally, I did! I am excited to share my find with all mothers out there in the same search of the perfect baby bottle. The Como Tomo bottle is easy to clean and mix formula in (without spilling half of the powder everywhere). This bottle also made the transition from breastfeeding to a bottle feeding easier because of the natural, skin-like texture partnered with real nipple shaped design. A happy baby is a happy family and my grateful husband can’t thank me enough for finding it. Don’t just take my word. Including another review from the

Como Tomo Review Summary

Nipple confusion is a big worry for many parents. For breastfeeding moms who want some freedom from feeding every three to four hours or having to pump at work, the wide, soft mound design of the Comotomo bottles makes for an easy transition. Cleaning is also simple, thanks to the wide neck that accommodates a dish sponge and BPA-free material that makes the bottles dishwasher safe. More details here 

Perfect Baby Bottle 2 - como tomo

Perfect Baby Bottle 1 - como tomo

• Wide nipple mound for easy latching
• Wide neck makes it easy to hand-wash
• BPA- and phthalate-free, 100 % medical-grade silicone is safe to boil, put in dishwasher or microwave

• Hard to read measurement markings
• Tips over easily
• Nipple colour turns cloudy over time

Bottom Line
The soft, silicone material and wide, naturally shaped design of the Comotomo bottles helps prevent nipple confusion, making it easier to switch between bottle and breastfeeding.