mimos pillow

A friend of mine got this pillow for her newborn as a gift from her inlaws. She told me the benefits and how thrilled she is with it and the results.

We all know how difficult it is to move the baby around the first months for the shape of the head. They can’t sleep on their tummies and side yet so it’s not easy and difficult to make sure they don’t get skull asymmetry. Flat back head.

The Mimos pillow comes in various sizes for your baby and they explain very well on their website which one is for what age etc.

It also comes as a travel pillow for car seats and strollers which is great because its quite wide and is more fitted for the bed. Cover for the pillow is sold separately in various colours.

So I decided we should give it a go here on motherhood and try The Mimos pillow out. I will be back with a full report after a month of use and update you guys from there.

Keeping my fingers crossed it works as well as they say!