best in test

The first weeks after giving birth its impossible to control your boobs and their lactation habits! Breastfeeding can be a pain in tha…u know what and it doesn’t really help that your breast are “szpritzing” milk all over the place! So to help with that we have tested and tested (and leaked among crowds) different types of nursing pads so we can tell you which ones to stay away from and which you should go ahead and buy multi-packs of.

  1. Natracare, organic but unfortunately you will leak in ca 30min.
  2. Apoteket hjärtat own brand, stay far away from these unless you want to get fungus on your nipples! These leak tremendously and fill up in like 5 min so please don’t buy these. Also, we noticed that many stores and pharmacies have their own branded nursing pads and the package and pads look exactly the same as this one, it’s just a logo change so do avoid these.
  3. Medela, amazing! We highly recommend these and must say they are the best we have tried. No leaking, comfy and super absorbent. Also, nipple doesn’t stick to the material.
  4. Natusan, probably third best on our list. Ok pads. Absorb normally but can get filled quickly so they need to be changed more often than the Medela ones for example.
  5. Libero, these are actually really good. Not as good as the Medela but they come in second on our list. Good absorbent and last a while without changing ever so often. Nipples don’t stick to the material which is so good if you have sore nipples from breastfeeding in the beginning.