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I love how the world has become smaller thanks to Instagram sometimes. Especially when you make new friends in foreign places. Not long ago I came across a small Instagram account with a lovely aesthetic and beautiful mattresses that are hand made in Marocco. So I sent a message on insta to the person behind it and today we sometimes chat daily!

This beautiful woman makes matrasses in Marocco for children of all ages and they are all handmade. She has a beautiful colour palette and her sense of style is just fab. I just had to order one because it will be perfect for the little boy (7months old) that can’t sit yet so he can roll around on it without me having to worry about him hitting his head on a hard surface. Can’t wait to receive it soon and show it to all of you guys!

My new Instagram friend, amazing mother of 3 and entrepreneur from Marocco, Mael. Such a great woman, how she makes it with 3 kids I dunno but u go girl!

Beautiful handmade matrasses

Also, I believe in women supporting women and I love the fact that thanks to Instagram we can thrive and help each other’s businesses grow!

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