merino wool heaven

So, The other day I posted a picture of an outfit that I kind of have been living in lately.

I’m sharing this because I absolutely love these garments from Boob Design. A Swedish brand that makes maternity wear. They aim to be sustainable and are a company that is completely GOTS-certified, which is amazing. It is so nice to know that they are a company that strives to work for our environment and use only sustainable materials, that are traceable from fibre to product.

The quality is really high and I love that you don’t feel that you put money on something that you won’t be able to use after pregnancy or nursing. On the contrary, I kind of feel I will live in these clothes for a long long time! It really works!

So here is my best tip at the moment, this merino wool set (that is under their category Active Wear). I seriously use these all the time but the best part is that they are so great for powerwalks during these cold winter days.

Merino wool top made for nursing

Merino Wool leggings and tank

The leggings are so soft and stretchy and can be used both during pregnancy and after. I really wish I had discovered these when I was still pregnant with my son because I couldn’t fit anything and nothing was comfy. I had gained so much weight that nothing below the tummy fit on my hips anymore. Gah, nothing to do about that now but if you have the same problem I had and don’t want to invest in pants that you won’t be able to use after you should definitely have a look at these!

The long-sleeve top is designed so that you can easily pull the top part up and feed your baby anywhere on your powerwalk! Also so stretch so same thing goes here for the usage both for during and after pregnancy.

Now let’s talk about my everything! The bra! Omg have I been uncomfy and miserable since I got them boobs that are like two melons? So freaking heavy, leaky boobs that are just never really happy. I can’t describe how painful this second time around, breastfeeding, has been. Nothing has really gone as expected and they have made me suffer – A LOT. First of all, I have only been able to breastfeed on one boob this whole period of 7months because of Mastitis. I have had it about 4 times already since my son was born. Which is also the reason why I’m in love with the bra on these images. My son was born in March -in Sweden. Meaning, COLD. So any little draft has been the cause of fever and mastitis even though I have tried to keep my breasts warm. In many different ways, it hasn’t been successful. Until I found this bra. Comfy, soft and warm with an elastic that doesn’t pinch or is too tight. I swear it has been my lifesaver and I only wish I had worn it today. U can guess what happened!? 🙁

Anyhow, I don’t want to hype things up too much I just really wanted to share with you how happy I am to have found some products that I truly love and am so satisfied with. I feel good enough about them so that I can recommend them to any of you who might need them as much as I did then and now.

Tank top and leggings

The ultimate bra -if u ask me!

All of the above are available on boobs website and they have plenty more styles that look really great. So I would recommend you check them out 😉

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