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Flyboyant trays designed by Nathalie Engelbert


Designer, entrepreneur and mother – Nathalie Engelbert is the designer and founder of FLYBOYANT. The up and coming interior and accessory brand that brings that little extra with its playful expression. She lives in Stockholm together with her husband and two charming and crazy boys. And it´s thanks to our four year old boys, that […]


Introducing Hanna Hansdotter Hanna Hansdotter is a talented glass artist. She recently graduated from Konsfack and I have been following for some time. Her style is truly unique and fun. I would love love love to have one of her art pieces at home. And now Artilleriet has released a collaboration together with Hanna, consisting of 12 different […]

Kaki bed linen - H&M, Drawing by Anne Nilsson, Vases by Gunnar Nylund, Mushroom lamp - Artilleriet, Coffee table - Stockholms Auktionsverk, Pillow, Christina Lundsteen - Artilleriet, Antique pots

Interior – Neutrals

Always an interior project bubbling in my mind! I’m going all in with neutral tones at the moment. Although I’m no stranger to throwing in some bright colors here and there, these are a few things I’m into right now. Not a bright color in sight! Kaki bed linen – H&M, Drawing by Anne Nilsson – Bukowskis, Vases by Gunnar […]

It’s a Girl

  This mothers day was special in every way, it was my first mothers day being a mother of two. On top of that, our new little bundle of joy – Mette – turned one week old. Born one day past due date, our baby girl decided to finally arrive. Not a day too early […]

Interior – Nesting Trends

Now it has struck – the feeling that I need to fix, organize, sort, decorate – our home needs to be clean and better looking than ever before! We have already started the eternity project known as sorting out the attic. And with ”we” I mean my husband – since the doctor has ordered me to take it slow these last weeks of my pregnancy, my husband is THE true angel making all my wishes his command. Next, on the list is selling everything we don´t use, and after that comes the best part – buying new things we´ve been longing for. That includes a new bed, lighting and I while we´re at it I might as well throw in some new pillows.
Mirror sofa table, Artilleriet
Armchair, IKEA
Floor cushions, Christina Lundsteen
Cushions, The Apartment
Pendant lamp, Areti
Bed linen, Tekla

Pregnancy truths

Superwoman – Pregnancy Truths

Telling it like it is

Pregnancy makes your skin glow, your hair grow and it makes you blissfully happy – right?

In all honesty that has not been the case for me. I´ve noticed when reading on the internet or hearing anecdotes from friends about being pregnant, there is a big tabu in telling it like it is.

You should be portraying the image of a healthy and happy strong woman. Embracing the fact that your body is changing. Letting everyone know how well you are coping with all the obstacles of being pregnant.

When this is not the case, I find it really shameful and hard being completely honest about how you feel. Every pregnancy is different (yes, heard that it before..). You tend to forget this when you have morning sickness, pelvic pain, hormones are completely wild, your pregnancy brain makes you perform at about 75% and you have a full-time job and maybe even a family to take care of.

At the same time, you´re told you should make yourself your biggest priority. But managing all this can be a true challenge. I have experienced a stress response like nothing else over the fact that I can´t do any of the things I imagined myself doing being pregnant. Slowing down and admitting that you´re not capable may, in fact, be the biggest challenge of them all. You truly feel like less of a person.

I may not have been able to eat all (or any) of the healthy salads and doing the yoga classes I intended. I am also absent-minded and self-absorbed because of my severe case of pregnancy brain. And it certainly left me totally unprepared, gobsmacked even, over the fact that this pregnancy has been so exhausting and different from the last one. However, one thing I know – and that I´m certain of – when looking back on all of this (well, not right away…), I will be prepared for the challenges that come with being a mother of two. At least a little bit.

Moses Baby Baskets

With nine weeks to go before the due date, it´s definitely time to get some things for the baby. Since we have a three-year-old, we have a lot of baby stuff saved – but mostly clothes and blankets. Our home really needs to be prepared for one more, since a new little member is about to move in. Therefore we need some baby furniture, on top of the list is a cradle and a Moses basket. When on the look out for kid´s stuff I like to go for things that blend nicely into the rest of our home, and things that may well have a little bit of a twist. Just like this artisan Moses basket and cradle – these are my kind of baby furniture and which I really fell in love with!

Moses basket and cradle from Design Dua. Wooden box, old family heritage. A basket from Afro Art. Artwork by Fay Ray for Absolut Art.