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Sicily – Travel with Kids

April is all about Vacay! – parental leave is no longer as calm as the first months with Bei. He’s a big boy now, moving around our last furniture and showing his will. Both his parents are tired, it been a long winter with 8 months of sleep deprivation. It’s tiring looking at the same walls all day long, especially now with most of our home is a downscaled baby proof home.

So how did we manage, first we picked a destination, where We feel safe! The Biggest hurdle is down. So off we went to Sicily! We took a place close to water, so it would make an easy access, and decided that it needed to be so beautiful that we could stay put – And IT was!

Then there was the sun – how to keep this boy occupied during the brightest hours. So morning stroll with mum or dad at 9 and then a nap in the shade until he woke up. A little swim and then the lunch inside. At 3 we bring him out under an umbrella that is kept in the shade until he naps again. The remaining time the sun can easily be handled with clothes, a cap and some organic sunscreen on hands and feets. Bei loved to swim – so that’s What we did! When we didn’t eat!


  1. A mixer so we could make mash from all the good Sicilian produce
  2. To go smoothies and porridge, on the road.
  3. Sunblock, organic and kids friendly for those areas that can’t be covered
  4. Sunhat or Cap
  5. Blankets for chilly nights or to use as sunblocking Before you buy that ugly “SPF 50 Umbrella”!
  6. Traveling Stroller/Carriage


Teething Tricks and Tools

Swedish Teething Tricks

The weeks before the first tooth I saw a little hint of a white spot in Bei’s mouth. He was not his happy self, a lot of dribbles and a running nose. As soon we could see the tooth, he got the fever it wasn’t  ”the tooth” but it lasted for 3 days and ended with rashes all over Bei. I know now that 0the 3-day fever but sometimes teething and fever can combine. (Always check high fever with a doctor!)

I’ve learned that teething can be helped by massaging your baby’s palate with your finger or a baby toothbrush. Sophie the Giraffe is a popular and a good cute teething friend, but Bei prefers wood, the kitchen spoons or our rolling pin. If teething struggles continues I will try teething powder that can be added to your baby’s diet or maybe one of those beautiful amber necklaces.

Swedish Baby - Teething


We all hear that collagen is the major part of making us look young. And we know the body, unfortunately, isn’t as great as it was at making it after the age of 25 so we have to get it from other sources ourselves.

So to boost your youth we have a bunch of foods you should start eating lots of asap!

Spinach, It’s packed with lutein and this hydrates your skin and fights wrinkles it’s also packed with vitamin C which helps the body produce collagen.

Flaxseed, contain large amounts of Omega 3 the more our we eat the more we help disguise our wrinkles and lines.

Salmon, is loaded with Omega 3 as well and it helps us create stronger cells. Strong cells are more able to support the structure of our skin.

Blueberries help neutralize free radicals that break down healthy skin tissue.

Oysters contain a high concentration of copper which is essential in helping our bodies build collagen.

These are only a few out of plenty other foods like kidney beans, green olives, avocado oil and more.

To read more about the foods that help you boost your collagen visit 

Best Baby Belly Oil -

Best Baby Belly (BBB) Oils


When I was pregnant my belly was always very firm, I didn’t have that soft gentle bump. Mine was always tense, they thought I was stressed but I never felt so balanced as when I was pregnant with Bei. So to soften the tens skin we rubbed it –  bonding time for belly, father, and baby.

My favorites Bio-Oil – is a specialist skincare oil that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone. This one is so good it still in my bathroom next to my almond oil that I use on my body and Bei’s – also good for diaper changing. Oil with lavender essence, together with some baby massage, can calm a baby before sleep.

This was my due date 7th of July – Bei came 2 weeks later – the longest wait of my life.

Clean Advice

Since baby, I’ve never felt the need for clean, clean apartment, clean clothes, clean mother. Most necessary is clean hands, the colds are so draining, so I splurge in soaps – my favorite right now is Reverence aromatique hand wash from AESOP. Clean hands keep mums happy, bacteria away and help your babies stay healthy.