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Introducing Bonton Maison

New Bonton Maison – Tiny Home Details Bonton recently launched a Home line, called Bonton Maison, with furniture and decorative details for the smallest ones. There’s a lot of rattan but also some fabrics as well. Everything goes, of course, with Bontons well known earthy colors and quiet prints. For those who don’t have time to […]

Perfect sleeping baby pictures

Perfect Baby Picks

Perfect Baby Picks I love browsing around for shopping inspiration and perfect baby picks. (All the weather-proof-kindergarten-stuff totally excluded). There are so many great companies creating natural woven items for layering and the sleeping baby pictures are so peaceful. Below are some favorites right now. 1. Fat & the moon, universal all salve 2. Konges Slojd, Baby […]

What Diapers to Choose?

There are so many choices for our babies. When it comes to diapers and choosing the right one for you can be tricky at times. The best thing is to try as many you need to find the ones that fit you and your baby best. We took some time to test a few and give […]

Polish baby shoes

Polish Baby Shoes

Travel Finds – Polish baby shoes The best part about traveling is the fun traditional stuff one can find here and there. I just found these cute baby shoes, handmade in leather! Seriously the cutest thing ever! Little Polish Shoes for your baby or for a friend’s. Regardless, they are just the cutest thing. More from […]

Toddler eating Pizza

Toddler food problems?

Healthy and Not So Healthy – keeping it real

Kinley is about 2,5 years old now and has always been a healthy kid. She lived on breast milk for a long time and when she started solids she ate almost anything given to her. Even “Gravad lax” and her favorite was smoked mackrell.

But lately, I feel stressed about her food. Kinley eats oatmeal with banana and blueberries for breakfast. Fruits as a snack later in the day. However, for lunch, all she will accept is a pasta with butter. I can’t make her eat any greens except for when I trick her into drinking a special smoothie. A special recipe I make with mangoes, banana, milk, and spinach.

I seriously don’t have time to make her that smoothie every day. And I need her to eat fish and other veggies but she just refuses. So I have no idea what to do? All I ever read is that kids need fish and omega 3 etc so I’m kind of stressing about the fact that she isn’t getting any at the moment.

I have dealt with the pressure around Kinley eating enough, eating healthy, eating balanced, by breathing out and knowing I provide healthy options. Some days she will eat it and sometimes she won’t. I can continue to expose her healthy options and not give up. Make eating a positive experience. Always.

Pizza, never a problem! At least it has some tomatoes on it  :=O

Anyone that feels they want to share some ideas and tips I would be so happy to read any of your suggestions or stories! We would really love to hear from you mamas out there and If you have stories or thoughts you would like to share here in our space let us know.

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Recipe to my smoothie for Kinley Sneaking Greens in..