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Fun Teethers Wooden teethers – a small tip for all mommies going through teething periods. As Isabelle noticed and wrote in her earlier post her little boy wants to put his gums on wooden things now that he is teething. We gathered some new fun teethers you can find in various stores and online at or at […]

Teething Tricks and Tools

Swedish Teething Tricks

The weeks before the first tooth I saw a little hint of a white spot in Bei’s mouth. He was not his happy self, a lot of dribbles and a running nose. As soon we could see the tooth, he got the fever it wasn’t  ”the tooth” but it lasted for 3 days and ended with rashes all over Bei. I know now that 0the 3-day fever but sometimes teething and fever can combine. (Always check high fever with a doctor!)

I’ve learned that teething can be helped by massaging your baby’s palate with your finger or a baby toothbrush. Sophie the Giraffe is a popular and a good cute teething friend, but Bei prefers wood, the kitchen spoons or our rolling pin. If teething struggles continues I will try teething powder that can be added to your baby’s diet or maybe one of those beautiful amber necklaces.

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Moses Baby Baskets

With nine weeks to go before the due date, it´s definitely time to get some things for the baby. Since we have a three-year-old, we have a lot of baby stuff saved – but mostly clothes and blankets. Our home really needs to be prepared for one more, since a new little member is about to move in. Therefore we need some baby furniture, on top of the list is a cradle and a Moses basket. When on the look out for kid´s stuff I like to go for things that blend nicely into the rest of our home, and things that may well have a little bit of a twist. Just like this artisan Moses basket and cradle – these are my kind of baby furniture and which I really fell in love with!

Moses basket and cradle from Design Dua. Wooden box, old family heritage. A basket from Afro Art. Artwork by Fay Ray for Absolut Art.

Central Park in Spring

New York – Central Park

The Perfect Central Park Afternoon One of the best things about New York is Central Park during the spring. Trees are in blossom and white flowers appear at happy snowflakes that never fall down. The blue skies are similar to a Magritte painting and the sun is sharp and beaming. Today was a perfect kind of day so we […]

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  Anti-slip Bathtub Rings Bath time is one of those important rituals for all parents and finding the best bath products to incorporate into your routine can be equally important. There are all sorts of things you can buy that make your bathroom feel like a safe haven for little kids. I’m going to admit that I’m […]

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  Hot picks for the little kiddo! 1. Book, The giving tree by Shel Silverstein. Beautiful story and Award-winning book. 2. Wooden learner bike from Early Rider. 3. Baby Vans. 4. Alpaca wool knit beanie from Baby Alpaga. 5. Edamame Baby Alpaca Linen jumper from Caramel. 6. Azuki Checked Linen Harlem Trousers from Caramel. 7. Wooden teething ring from Wooden Story.

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Natural Colors for Kids

This spring season, dress your little ones in natural colors, organic fibers, and evergreen designs. Our Favorites 1.Donkey Products, This adorable wooden Boat Ballon is the most fun eco-friendly toys for your child. Only $9 at 2.The Animals Observatory, Velour trousers for baby boy or girl. It doesn’t get more trendy than that. We can spot the Vetements trend all the way […]


Pros • Wide nipple mound for easy latching • Wide neck makes it easy to hand-wash • BPA- and phthalate-free, 100 percent medical-grade silicone is safe to boil, put in dishwasher or microwave Cons • Hard to read measurement markings • Tips over easily • Nipple color turns cloudy over time Bottom Line The soft, […]