Top two breast pumps

Top 2 Breast Pumps

Breast Pumps are now part of almost every mother’s parenting kit. Most women don’t have the possibility to breastfeed full-time, or even want to. Therefore, Women have to balance the demands on their time and if they choose to breastfeed and will, therefore, require some equipment.

Celine, Bra, Shirt

Pregnancy Essentials

Here is my go-to list of classic stylish picks. These are the essentials we know all pregnant women need in order to be comfortable and chic during their pregnancy. Four Pregnancy Essentials 1. Fashionable flats, these ones from Céline. A must-have in any woman’s wardrobe, pregnant or not. Wear them or carry them with you and […]

Bump Style – Mira Duma

When pregnant it can be really difficult to get inspired to get out of the house let alone to get dressed. So we want to try to get you inspired by stealing some of Mira Dumas best baby bump style. Long slip dress by H&M  Converse sneakers  Leather jacket by Weekday  


One of the most sensitive subjects for a new mother is breastfeeding. I am an outspoken and open individual. I don’t get affected by other people’s thoughts or opinions. However, I admit the only time I felt as a victim was during my breastfeeding period. It’s a strange thing, but suddenly I cared what people thought […]

Pregnancy truths

Superwoman – Pregnancy Truths

Telling it like it is

Pregnancy makes your skin glow, your hair grow and it makes you blissfully happy – right?

In all honesty that has not been the case for me. I´ve noticed when reading on the internet or hearing anecdotes from friends about being pregnant, there is a big tabu in telling it like it is.

You should be portraying the image of a healthy and happy strong woman. Embracing the fact that your body is changing. Letting everyone know how well you are coping with all the obstacles of being pregnant.

When this is not the case, I find it really shameful and hard being completely honest about how you feel. Every pregnancy is different (yes, heard that it before..). You tend to forget this when you have morning sickness, pelvic pain, hormones are completely wild, your pregnancy brain makes you perform at about 75% and you have a full-time job and maybe even a family to take care of.

At the same time, you´re told you should make yourself your biggest priority. But managing all this can be a true challenge. I have experienced a stress response like nothing else over the fact that I can´t do any of the things I imagined myself doing being pregnant. Slowing down and admitting that you´re not capable may, in fact, be the biggest challenge of them all. You truly feel like less of a person.

I may not have been able to eat all (or any) of the healthy salads and doing the yoga classes I intended. I am also absent-minded and self-absorbed because of my severe case of pregnancy brain. And it certainly left me totally unprepared, gobsmacked even, over the fact that this pregnancy has been so exhausting and different from the last one. However, one thing I know – and that I´m certain of – when looking back on all of this (well, not right away…), I will be prepared for the challenges that come with being a mother of two. At least a little bit.