One of the first things we speak about when talking to a pregnant woman is the stretch marks and how afraid we are of them. All though here at the office we are the ones that love the body no matter what it looks like and we feel stretch marks are actually one of the most beautiful parts of a pregnancy belly. They are like a beautiful memory of the time you spent carrying your baby in your womb and they tell a story just like scars. Unfortunately, as pregnant, we go through lots and lots of hormonal changes and we don’t always appreciate the changes that happen to the body so that’s why for those women who want to try to prevent those stretch marks we gathered the best ones we know and have tried.

1.Erbaviva, oil. Very soothing and warming oil with only natural blends.

2. Strivectin, One of the leading names in removing stretchmarks and was invented by cancer scientist during 35 years of clinical research. Effect after 4-8 weeks.

3. Weleda, very lightweight oil that doesn’t stick and has a nice scent and it’s recommended to use on bottom, belly and boobies.

4. MamaMio, lightweight cream that doesn’t stick at all and for those who are sensitive to smells while pregnant, this one is one of few cremes that has a very light scent that doesn’t attack you.

Best Baby Belly Oil -

Best Baby Belly (BBB) Oils


When I was pregnant my belly was always very firm, I didn’t have that soft gentle bump. Mine was always tense, they thought I was stressed but I never felt so balanced as when I was pregnant with Bei. So to soften the tens skin we rubbed it –  bonding time for belly, father, and baby.

My favorites Bio-Oil – is a specialist skincare oil that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone. This one is so good it still in my bathroom next to my almond oil that I use on my body and Bei’s – also good for diaper changing. Oil with lavender essence, together with some baby massage, can calm a baby before sleep.

This was my due date 7th of July – Bei came 2 weeks later – the longest wait of my life.


Pros • Wide nipple mound for easy latching • Wide neck makes it easy to hand-wash • BPA- and phthalate-free, 100 percent medical-grade silicone is safe to boil, put in dishwasher or microwave Cons • Hard to read measurement markings • Tips over easily • Nipple color turns cloudy over time Bottom Line The soft, […]