the travel bestie

Time for a vacation with the family. When you have a toddler that is still not ready to go without a stroller but a little too big for the fully equipped baby stroller you start looking for something small and convenient to push around. Many of you might already have seen a lot of parents walking […]

Spain - travel with kids

Les Hamaques

Not rarely a part of the fun in traveling is about the planning and scouting for the perfect hidden gems. Hours are spent on Instagram, scrolling through the explore tab, subsequently drooling to get away from the everyday life, for just a little bit. I’m going to share some of my dearest traveling spots here […]

Parisian Gifts

I just love a good package design, I can’t resist it! When a toothpaste looks like the one from Buly 1803 the price doesn’t matter to me, I buy it anyway. I’d buy the whole store when it looks like this actually. The company has stores in the largest cities like Paris, London and New […]

Paris Getaway?

Going to Paris soon? If you are I can definitely recommend Hotel Saint Marc. The design is outstanding which isn’t a  big surprise since it’s the Milanese design team Dimore Studios who’s behind it. But, it’s also a very good choice if you travel with kids since you book the spa private which means that […]

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Los Angeles

Welcome to Los Angeles We just spent two wonderful weeks in Los Angeles. A well-needed vacation for the whole family. We rented a house in Venice through Airbnb and it was fantastic and perfect when traveling with family. You get all the extra space you need and the best part is probably that you can get […]