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Sorry for the silence!

As most of you might have noticed we have been silent for the summer vacation but we are back with a bang! We have spent the time working on some backend maintenance. You don’t see it but we do, so now our website should be up and working perfectly. Welcome back! /The Motherhood team  

Skin Heroes

I’m a true addict to skincare and fragrances. Especially fragrances. Always searching for THE ONE. Here are some of my favorite picks for the moment.

Excuviance Deep Hydration Treatment is a special treatment product that enriches the skin with large amounts of moisturizing ingredients. The gel-like consistensy melts into the skin, and filles up the water reservoars and strenghtens the skins own barrier. Contains moisture binding and moisturizing ingredients that repairs the skins suppleness and neutralizes the negative effects of environmental factors like pollution. Love it!

Dermaceutic Turn Over, a real power player on bathroom shelf! Contains 15% glycolic acid that eliminates cell residues and dead cells from the surface of the skin giving a soft and rejuvenated appearance to the skin. A bought this one just before my wedding, in order to give that extra boost right before the bid day.

Lucent Facial Concentrate is an A vitamin C-rich layering serum that soothes, replenishes and balances skin with its complex blend of anti-oxidant, lightly hydrating and conditioning ingredients.

Portrait of a Lady from Frederic Malle have been described as follows “If a perfume is a portrait of the woman who wears it, here is one that reveals her inherent sophistication; as if, after an evening at the opera, one could still hear music streaming from the folds of her dress”. An exuberant dose of Turkish rose rests on a bed of patchouli heart imbued with sandalwood and frankincense. An accord of clove, blackcurrant and raspberry binds the perfume together for a final movement of symphonic femininity. This one is not for the safe riders, pretty heavy and provocative almost in its extreme fragrance persona, BUT the right evening can be a perfect match for this rich hero.



You find yourself on a packed bus, the crammed grocery shopping bags are stapled upon the stroller. One kid is pulling your arm screaming for ice cream, the other one should have been breastfeed for more than 20 minutes ago, also screaming. Your feet’s are soaked in snow mud and the coat you’re wearing (that 10 minutes ago where way to thin) all of a sudden feels thick like a sleeping bag, causing sweat floods along the spine. Patience right now: cero. And when a lady bumps into you by accident, the irritation is immediate. At that point. Take a deep breath. That someone is maybe/probably someone’s mother. They, or we, are everywhere. Having a good day. Or a bad one. We need to have each others back. Support and not critic. The judgement is everywhere today. How we race, how we breast feed, or not, how we play, or don’t play, what we read to our kids, or don’t read. If we buy a minute through Babblarna on the iPhone (God forbid) or what we serve for dinner. Everyone is struggling and trying hard, mothers and fathers, doing the best we can at most times. Show love – and don’t judge. And remember – DAMN YOU’RE A GOOD MOTHER!

Ellen Dixdotter Family Inspiration

In a few Words

Motherhood Studio Team welcomes Ellen Dixdotter! Thrilled to be a small part of Mother-hood – at least for a while. If I were to choose a handful of words to describe what I’m passionate about it could be something like; people, humor, ceramics, feminism, design, art, fashion, food and wine. Loads. Of all of them. […]


Artsy – Kirsten Justesen

One of my absolute favourite Scandinavian artists is danish Kirsten Justesen. A pioneer in female body art, a feminist and a multi-range genre female artist. I just love how powerful her political and social messages are and how her feminist point of view is always present in her artwork. That’s why I am very eager […]