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Travel bag items

My travel bag – Travel with Kids

Traveling with Kids

I tend to travel a lot with my family because my husband is a photographer so we always try to stay together. And we always have so many bags to check in( because of his profession) add to that a toddler and wifey! So we have become masters of only bringing what we really need and we really know what we really need on our travels.

So I need a handbag that can fit everything that I need to have close by me for my toddler and I. Both me and my husband tried the diaper bag thing but didn’t fall for it. We are just not that kind of folks… so I just pack everything I need for her in a leather pouch. In it, I have all the necessities I need….diapers, wet wipes, spoons and some squeezes.

So this is the content of my bag:







Wet wipes



Lip balm

Baby Book

Dry shampoo

Central Park in Spring

New York – Central Park

The Perfect Central Park Afternoon One of the best things about New York is Central Park during the spring. Trees are in blossom and white flowers appear at happy snowflakes that never fall down. The blue skies are similar to a Magritte painting and the sun is sharp and beaming. Today was a perfect kind of day so we […]

Clean Advice

Since baby, I’ve never felt the need for clean, clean apartment, clean clothes, clean mother. Most necessary is clean hands, the colds are so draining, so I splurge in soaps – my favorite right now is Reverence aromatique hand wash from AESOP. Clean hands keep mums happy, bacteria away and help your babies stay healthy.


Dinner date spots - restaurants

Valentine Dinner Dates

This year for Valentines why don’t we try to make a fun memory by just relaxing, eating good and having some great drinks! SO instead of getting gifts, let’s make it a fun chill dinner date at one of our favorite restaurants or breakfast places? Our Restaurant Short List 1. Alla Collina Pistoiese-Milan, traditional Italian food […]

Kinley drinking green smoothie

Sneaking Greens in…

  I don’t know if every parent out there is experiencing some troubles with getting their kid to eat vegetables, but BOY am! Kinley is 2 years old now and in this weird period when she says blaaah to all green foods. I found a way to trick her into eating big loads of greens! The Green […]