Mathilda feature


We interviewed Mathilda Johansson a few months before she delivered her beautiful baby girl, Nike, and we had the pleasure of chatting a bit about expectations and all things surrounding life, pregnancy, and motherhood with her. Mathilda is currently on maternity leave so that she can spend some well-deserved time and lazy Sundays (which she […]

Celine, Bra, Shirt

Pregnancy Essentials

Here is my go-to list of classic stylish picks. These are the essentials we know all pregnant women need in order to be comfortable and chic during their pregnancy. Four Pregnancy Essentials 1. Fashionable flats, these ones from Céline. A must-have in any woman’s wardrobe, pregnant or not. Wear them or carry them with you and […]

Chunky x Feminine Trends

For the cool moms out there who love that silky smooth feminine look with a hint of edge. Go for a chunky boot to break the “sweet” look. Add to that one statement earring and then you are set! 1. Boot, Zara. 2. Dress, Realisationpar. 3. Earing, Mango.

Best products for beauty and makeup

Pari Damani’s 5

The Introducing Pari Damani Pari Damani is a makeup artist and beauty professional. She has worked for brands and magazines such as H&M, weekday, other stories, Odalisque magazine, ELLE magazine and much more. Four months ago she became a first-time mother to a beautiful baby boy named Idris.  Naturally, we wanted to hear what favorites she has discovered for babies […]

No Sugar Ice Cream

Last week I started this new diet that I heard much about called Keto. A diet to help you become more energetic and clear minded. I started it because I am feeling so tired lately. It also helps you lose some weight, a plus for the summer. This diet requires no sugar intake at all. You are allowed to have plant-based Stevia. Be careful to not get Stevia mixed with sugar – carbs. It didn’t help me because I hate the taste of Stevia Sweeteners. I had to figure something out for myself….

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Adidas - Mini Rodini


More from the Adidas and Mini Rodini design collaboration is here. The Capsule collection will consist of 10 pieces for children between the ages of 3 months and 6 years, including footwear in sizes 3k to 9.5k. In stores, May 4th with more releases throughout the year. We can’t wait to get our hands on these and see […]