Clean Advice

Since baby, I’ve never felt the need for clean, clean apartment, clean clothes, clean mother. Most necessary is clean hands, the colds are so draining, so I splurge in soaps – my favorite right now is Reverence aromatique hand wash from AESOP. Clean hands keep mums happy, bacteria away and help your babies stay healthy.


Best Bath Products - Anti-slip rings from Puj


  Anti-slip Bathtub Rings Bath time is one of those important rituals for all parents and finding the best bath products to incorporate into your routine can be equally important. There are all sorts of things you can buy that make your bathroom feel like a safe haven for little kids. I’m going to admit that I’m […]

Green Theme - Baby boy or toddler Gifts moodboward


  Hot picks for the little kiddo! 1. Book, The giving tree by Shel Silverstein. Beautiful story and Award-winning book. 2. Wooden learner bike from Early Rider. 3. Baby Vans. 4. Alpaca wool knit beanie from Baby Alpaga. 5. Edamame Baby Alpaca Linen jumper from Caramel. 6. Azuki Checked Linen Harlem Trousers from Caramel. 7. Wooden teething ring from Wooden Story.

Natalie Altewai - 5 Top Tips and Products

Natalia Altewai’s 5

Introducing Natalia Altewai Ohlsson Natalia Altewai Ohlsson, ALTEWAISAOME designer and Motherhoodstudio co-founder is first to provide her top 5! Natalia travels the world with her photographer husband, Markus, and daughter, Kinley. She rarely has a dull moment as she splits her time between New York and Stockholm, building her brand and company. Natalia Altewai’s Top 5 Inspiring shows and […]

Dinner date spots - restaurants

Valentine Dinner Dates

This year for Valentines why don’t we try to make a fun memory by just relaxing, eating good and having some great drinks! SO instead of getting gifts, let’s make it a fun chill dinner date at one of our favorite restaurants or breakfast places? Our Restaurant Short List 1. Alla Collina Pistoiese-Milan, traditional Italian food […]

Bugaboo Bee5 design


The Bugaboo urban stroller is about to get even better. This March, Bugaboo introduces the Bugaboo Bee5. The Motherhood team has given it a test run. The new padded seat is really comfortable for a child. The suspension in the front wheels makes the stroller roll really smoothly and the swivel is even better. What really makes […]