Pregnancy Legging styling

bump edit – leggings

Pregnancy Bump Styling – Leggings Every pregnant woman will have that moment where the belly pops. Your jeans don’t fit (without a little rubber band to keep them buttoned together). Your shirts start bursting from bigger breasts.  Everything becomes a little tight and a little uncomfortable. The clothing solution tends to be jersey, comfortable and adaptable to an increasing […]

Marz lovejoy

On our minds lately is this phenomenal badass woman, mother-to-be, poet and musician Marz Lovejoy. The first time we spotted her was through youtube many years ago (like many artists today) and she has been a favorite ever since. Now Instagram has really become a great platform for artists and creatives to promote themselves the past […]


Artsy – Kirsten Justesen

One of my absolute favourite Scandinavian artists is danish Kirsten Justesen. A pioneer in female body art, a feminist and a multi-range genre female artist. I just love how powerful her political and social messages are and how her feminist point of view is always present in her artwork. That’s why I am very eager […]

Mathilda feature


We interviewed Mathilda Johansson a few months before she delivered her beautiful baby girl, Nike, and we had the pleasure of chatting a bit about expectations and all things surrounding life, pregnancy, and motherhood with her. Mathilda is currently on maternity leave so that she can spend some well-deserved time and lazy Sundays (which she […]

Celine, Bra, Shirt

Pregnancy Essentials

Here is my go-to list of classic stylish picks. These are the essentials we know all pregnant women need in order to be comfortable and chic during their pregnancy. Four Pregnancy Essentials 1. Fashionable flats, these ones from Céline. A must-have in any woman’s wardrobe, pregnant or not. Wear them or carry them with you and […]